EE1301 Intro to Computing Systems

This is the archive of the class EE1301 "Intro to Computing Systems" taught by Kia Bazargan in the Fall 2015 semester at the University of Minnesota. Links to class videos are provided in the table below, along with supporting documents. Labs and discussion problems are provided after the video and documents table.

Syllabus (pdf)

Slides: Syllabus and intro.



Number Download File Contents Documents
1 ee1301_f15_20150908 EE1301, Fall 2015, 2015-09-08, Lecture 1, Introduction  
2 ee1301_f15_20150910 cin, cout, int variables, simple math expressions 01_cout.cpp02_cin.cpp
3 ee1301_f15_20150915 Operator precedence, simple if-else 03_twodigits.cpp04_oddEven.cpp
4 ee1301_f15_20150917 Nested if else, logical expressions, intro to double/float

Lecture notes: 20150917_if_num_bw_30_50.pdf





5 ee1301_f15_20150922 More int, double examples, casting, intro to loops (while) See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 9-13
6 ee1301_f15_20150924 Miscellaneous operators (|| ! >> <<), While loop and counters, First attempt at the average problem See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 14-16
7 ee1301_f15_20150929 While loop (average of n numbers), if float==, for loops, prime numbers problem definition and strategy 1 See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 17-19
8 ee1301_f15_20151001 While loop, for loop. Prime numbers (versions 1,2,3) See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 20-24
9 ee1301_f15_20151006 for loop with empty body, counter var value after for, swapping two vars, base 8 to decimal conversion See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 25
10 ee1301_f15_20151008 finish base 8 program, #define, #ifdef, the polynomial program

See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 26-27.

See Lecture notes below 20151008

11 ee1301_f15_20151013 Polynomial, functions, local / Global Variables, switch construct, intro to Win32 Graphics See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 28-30.
12 ee1301_f15_20151015 Sample midterm problems, graphics See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 31-32.
13 ee1301_f15_20151022 Continue, graphics take 2, arrays See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 33-35.
14 ee1301_f15_20151027 2D Arrays

See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 36-40.

See Lecture notes 20151027.

15 ee1301_f15_20151029 Finish the soy production example (2D array), binary, hex, decimal conversion, pointers

See Sec. "Code Exmaples" below. Code 41-42.

See Lecture notes 20151029.

16 ee1301_f15_20151103 Bin, Hex, decimal conversions, negative numbers in binary, simple #define macros, ternary operator ? Code 43, notes 11/3
17 ee1301_f15_20151105 macros, 2's Comp, bitwise Operators, struct 44-46, notes 11/5
18 ee1301_f15_20151110 Atoms demo, struct, sorting, intro strings 47-49, notes 11/10
19 ee1301_f15_20151112 Strings take 2, simulation of planets: the framework, functions 50-52, notes 11/12
20 ee1301_f15_20151117 (1st half of the lecture) Functions 53-56
20 ee1301_f15_20151117z (2nd half of the lecture) Function: swap, pass by value, addr, reference 57-59
21 ee1301_f15_20151119 Functions, struct parameters, 1D array parameters, intro to 2D parameters 60-62, notes 11/19
22 ee1301_f15_20151124 2D array parameters in functions, soy example function version, recursive functions 62-67
23 ee1301_f15_20151201 Misc homework related issues (not allocating memory for arrays, bouncing ball getting outside the window frame, qsort function) code 68, notes 12/1
24 ee1301_f15_20151203 Shuffle problem, recursive, strings. NOTE: THERE'S A BETTER SOLUTION TO THE SHUFFLE PROBLEM. Takes only O(N) 69-73, notes 12/3
25 (no voice) ee1301_f15_20151208 3D planet, atoms, strings (implementing myStrCat), pointers and intro to dynamic memory allocation notes 12/8
26 ee1301_f15_20151210 Mem allocation (1D array, 2D array), Intro Linked List 74-75
27 ee1301_f15_20151215 Recursive function calls (print 1..N), linked list notes 12/15
28 Linked Lists, Object-Oriented Programming (from spring 2015) Linked Lists, Object-Oriented Programming (from spring 2015)




29 Classes and OOP (from spring 2015) Classes and OOP (from spring 2015) 79_class2.cpp
30 Classes and OOP (from spring 2015) Celestial objects example (from spring 2015)




31 STL (from spring 2015) Standard Template Library (from spring 2015)